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In Wrestling

Finishing moves
Hell Makeover (Swinging neckbreaker)

Signature moves
Flower Fall (Sidewalk slam)
Flower Suplex (Snap suplex)

Beth Phoenix
Alicia Fox

Wrestlers managed
Mike Kruel
Shawn Osborne
Eddie Craven
Jay Bradley
Brad Allen
Nattie Neidhart
Abraham Washington
Santino Marella
Beth Phoenix
Zack Ryder
Layla El
Alicia Fox

Tag-teams / Stables managed
Bad Kompany (Mike Kruel, Shawn Osborne, and Eddie Craven)
Glamarella (Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix)
Primo & Epico

“The Femme Fatale”
“The Freakin’ Costa Rican”
“The Stunning Latina”

Entrance themes
“Feelin Me” by Jim Johnston (FCW)
“Barcode” by Jack Elliot (WWE; November 17,2011–present)
“Excess All Areas” by [[Extreme Music] (June 15, 2009–present)

» Name: Milena Leticia Roucka
» Stage Name: Rosa Mendes
» Born: October 25th, 1979
» From: Vancouver, BC
» Resides: Las Vegas, Nevada
» WWE Debut: November 2006
» Mino Bio: Milena Leticia Roucka is a Canadian professional wrestler, valet, and former model currently signed with WWE and working as Rosa Mendes. Roucka studied business at the University of British Columbia, but left to pursue a modeling career. She won several competitions, including the 2004 Piel Dorada, and also acted in commercials... more

Latest Results
» Date: July 8th, 2014
» Show: WWE Main Event
» Match: 5 - on -1 handicap match
» View: Recap | Digitals | Screencaps

Current Projects
Date; Every Monday
Official Site; Proceed
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Show; WWE SmackDown
Date; Every Friday
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Show; Total Divas
Date; Every Sunday on E!
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Latest Studios
Name; World Cup Divas - 2014
Number Of Photos; x6
Release Date; July 10, 2014
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Name; Patriotic Divas
Number Of Photos; x6
Release Date; July 3, 2014
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Name; WrestleMania 30 Diva Photobooth
Number Of Photos; x2
Release Date; Apr 17, 2014
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